Habitat Somali Organization

Who We Are

Habitat Action and Peace (HAP) is a non-profit non-governmental organization working in environmental stabilization and peacebuilding.


To create a value-based environment and communities of dignified and informed citizens in the region.


Promoting environmental protection, climate change adaptation, community empowerment on self-governance, and natural resource management through sustainable developmental programs, such as technical training, education, and advocacy.

Our Programs

Peace Building

Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution. Youth and women empowerment. Good Governance Civic Education


Environmental Conservation. Animal Conservation.
Marine Conservation.
Human Conservation

Climate Change

Reducing risk and vulnerability to Climate Change.
Strengthening Resilience.

Research & Development

Environmental Research.
Research on Climate Change.
Research on Protection


Gender Violence Based (GVB) and Child Protection.
Legal Aid Services.
Social Awareness.


We advocate for strengthening the educational system of the nation and providing meaningful opportunities to children from disadvantageous families towards the delivery of an inclusive, equitable, and quality education for all children, particularly low-income children.

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